The Catholic Digital Learner: Student Portfolios and Digital Citizenship

K- Grade 6
With the goal to integrate student digital portfolios in the K – 6 classroom, this project provides teachers with a classroom ready resource to establish a tangible culture where student work is curated and shared on line through whole group and individualized portfolios. Teachers have access to a number of 21st century infused lessons, inquiry activities and digital resources including a tech tool kit that speaks to the digital learner and Catholic digital citizenship.
Access to Provincial virtual Learning Environment (Desire2Learn)
Microsoft Word
Adobe Acrobat Reader
Download the virtual Learning Environment Import package (for use in D2L)
Be sure to leave the folder zipped when you download it.  Access your course in D2L and import the zipped file into the course.  Upzip only when it is uploaded into the course shell in D2L as per the instructions.Click to download file (ZIP 27 MB)

Instructions on how to use the D2L package:
Click to download file (Word 472 KB)
Click to download file (PDF 292 KB)

Files for use outside of D2L
Click to download file (Word –  easy editing 4.5 MB)
Click to download file (PDF – easy printing 4.4 MB)