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Building and sustaining the Catholic capacity of educators through the development and provision of high quality Catholic curriculum, resources, support and professional development.

WFMP 2020 - October 22, 23 & 24.

Guardians of Hope, Bearers of the Promise, Stewards of Creation

Pope Francis uses the term “guardian of hope” to honour Mary whose “yes” to God serves as an example to everyone. He describes her as a “woman of strength” who “supports and accompanies, protects and embraces.”  The aspect, “Stewards of Creation” is from ​Laudato Si ​ in which Pope Francis reminds us of our call to be “stewards of all creation.”   Pope Francis calls us to acknowledge that “everything is connected”  and asks us to answer the call to cooperate with God in the work of creation.   Catholic schools are reminded of  the important role they play in inspiring the youth of today.  Like Mary, we need to say yes to the call to stewardship and to demonstrate commitment and strength as we address issues of environmental justice which impact the poor and vulnerable more than others. Catholic educators are called to look for signs of hope and to recognize the promise of the next generation!

WFMP 2019 – Highlights

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