Religious Education Grades 1-8 Policy Documents

Grades 1-8
At the request of the Institute for Catholic Education, the Catholic Curriculum Corporation Central and Western Region (CCC), Faith in Education Council members have been involved in the process of reviewing the draft policy, offering direction in revisions and implementation strategies. Specifically the CCC was asked to assist boards by developing three introductory activities or modules for school administrators and teachers to become familiar with the forward section of the new policy. They can be used as standalone modules or a combination thereof, as the information aligns from one activity to the next. There is a User Guide to explain each module which has a PowerPoint and a placemat or graphic organizer. We hope it assists Catholic boards as they implement the new Religious Education Policy.
Elementary Religious Education Policy Document
Elementary Religious Education User Guide

Module A – An Introduction to the Policy The learning goal of this presentation is to provide an opportunity for participants to become familiar with the new Religious Education (RE) Policy. This presentation will provide opportunities for interaction, reflection, and integration using the policy document. Activities will address the following questions: 1. What is the authority of the Elementary Religious Education Policy Document? 2. Why create an Elementary Religious Education Policy Document at this time? 3. What is the New Evangelization? 4. What are the distinctive features of the Elementary Religious Education Policy Document? An accompanying placemat is available to be used to anchor the learning.
Module A – Introduction Speaker Notes
Module A – Placemat

Module B – The New Evangelization The new Religious Education policy recognizes that we are in a new moment. We can no longer be assured that our students have a rich faith life at home and in their parish community. The New Evangelization recognizes that we need to nurture fundamental religious literacy. Participants will be asked to look at the New Evangelization through the Emmaus Scripture story and identify and discuss the eight elements we are called to teach. A graphic organizer to record key findings is provided.
Module B – New Evangelization Speaker Notes
Module B – Graphic Organizer

Module C – The Six Strands of the Curriculum All participants are divided into small groups to reflect upon one strand and share their ideas. Then the definition and Fundamental Concepts of each strand is explored. Teachers are invited to make connections to current practices in teaching Religion and to identify areas for new learning. As well, participants have an overview of the Hope Expectations which lead to further discussion of the Fundamental Concepts. A graphic organizer for the Gallery Walk activity is provided.
Module C – Six Strands Speaker Notes
Module C – Placemat

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