K-8 Retreat Banner, Resource Guide

A Collection of K-8 Retreats for Catholic Elementary Schools: A Resource Guide for Facilitators

Audience: Elementary Grades 1-8

This resource is a compilation of retreats tailored specifically to the elementary-aged student. Each retreat is aligned with the Ontario Catholic Elementary Curriculum Policy Document for Religious Education Grades 1-8. In addition, The Ontario Catholic School
Graduate Expectations, Catholic Social Teachings and cross-curriculum expectations covered within, are outlined at the beginning of each retreat.
The retreats are divided into four sections: Kindergarten Retreats, Primary Retreats, Junior Retreats and Intermediate retreats. Each section features 2 retreats that are specific to each grade and an Advent and/or Lent retreat that can be used for every
grade within that particular division. Following the four sections are a number of suggested Icebreakers that can be used to build community at the beginning of the retreats.

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