CCC History

The notion of the CATHOLIC CURRICULUM CORPORATION (CCC) was born in 1990 when discussions among the publicly funded Catholic boards in the Greater Toronto Area(GTA) generated interest in 3 key areas:

  1. Producing and providing quality Catholic curriculum resources by accessing and sharing the talents, energy and resources of various Catholic boards interested in promoting and preserving the “sacred trust” of Catholic education;
  2. Providing professional development opportunities on a quarterly and/or as needed basis to Catholic educators at all levels in the publicly funded Catholic boards of Ontario.
  3. Planning and delivering an annual conference that would provide a forum wherein Catholic educators would be able to gather, in order to deliver collegial professional development on current and emerging themes and practices in Catholic education. This conference soon became known as “When Faith Meets Pedagogy”

Informal discussions soon became energized by a transition grant of $170,000 from the Ontario Ministry of Education and in 1992, these financial resources were allocated to establish an office and a project lead. This also encouraged the involvement and collaboration of publicly funded Catholic school boards beyond the GTA. Over the ensuing years, the “collective” formalized administrative and operational protocols and was formally incorporated in 2005.

The CCC is governed by a board, with a representative from each of the 17 member boards in central and southwestern Ontario and its partners. Its operational framework includes 4 Curriculum Councils: Faith in Education, Elementary, Secondary and Information, Communications, Technology (ICT), each attended by representatives of the 17 member boards and chaired by one of the representatives. Council activity is overseen by the Curriculum Manager. Activities include liaison with all partners, writing projects as proposed by member boards, curriculum initiatives based on collaboration with the Institute for Catholic Education, as well as other community based organizations and publishers. Councils meet 4 times per year in plenary and individual sessions. CCC Resources are free in downloadable format from the resources section of the CCC website or often individual boards wish to purchase hard copies of these resources available from Maracle Press Inc.

Revenue streams include member board annual fees, partner contributions from the Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association ( OECTA), Catholic Principals Council of Ontario (CPCO), the Catholic Association of Religion and Family Life Educators of Ontario (CARFLEO), Catholic School Chaplains of Ontario (CSCO, )and St Michael’s College School (SMCS), as well as revenue from the When Faith Meets Pedagogy Conference and various sponsorships from vendors to support the Annual General Meeting.

The CCC has grown over the years due to the commitment of its member boards and the conviction that it is only through the shared conviction of those involved in Catholic education that publicly funded education will not only survive, but thrive. The CCC welcomes the participation of all Catholic partners who have a vested interested in ensuring that the efforts of those pioneers who sacrificed on our behalf, will serve as encouragement and strength to promote and preserve the “sacred trust” of Catholic education.