WFMP 2019: October 24, 25 & 26, 2019

Workshop Schedule

Note:  A brief overview of each workshop is provided below the workshop title. Click on the title to see the workshop’s full descriptor.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

OECTA Pre-Conference Workshop: Coming to Acceptance: A Teacher’s Journey to Well-being

Thursday, October 25, 2018
6:00 p.m. OECTA Pre-Conference Workshop:
Coming to Acceptance: a Teacher’s Journey to Well-being
Presenter: Karl Fernandes
Audience: All
Description: “Obstacles do not block the path; they are the path.”

Friday, October 25, 2019

Session A  – 9:45-11:00 a.m.

A1 – Dan Moynihan: Giving The Best of Yourself

Presenter: Dan Moynihan
Audience: All
Description: Giving the Best of Yourself – Dan will explore the relationship between faith and sport by deepening our understanding of Saint John Paul II’s assertion: “Athletic activity, in fact, highlights not only humanity’s valuable physical abilities, but also one’s intellectual and spiritual capacities. It is not just physical strength and muscular efficiency, but it also has a soul and must show its complete face.” Prepare to be mobile during this session.

A2 – CCC: Catholic Media Authorship: Media Literacy as an Enabler of Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning

Presenter: CCC: Catholic Media Authorship: Media Literacy as an Enabler of Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning – Anthony Perotta
Audience: JK-12
Description: The CCC resource “Catholic Media Authorship: An Enabler of Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning,” provides teachers with a classroom ready approach to nurture student media output that promotes equity, student voice and culturally responsive learning.

A3 – CPCO: Who Me… A Leader? CPCO’s PQP

Presenter: CPCO: Who Me… A Leader? CPCO’s PQP
Audience: All
Description: Learn about the only Principals’ Qualification Program founded in Catholicity. Gain insight into why CPCO’s PQP is relevant ad candidate-focused, thoroughly preparing new Principals and Vice-Principals for the realities, challenges of the job.

A4 – FACE: Protecting Catholic Education in Challenging Times

Presenter: Carole Allen
Audience: All
Description: Shine the light on the unique quality of our faith-filled Catholic Education system. Learn the key messages to share with those who influence decisions around funding our Catholic schools, and with supporters in your local community.

A5 – CARFLEO: Visio Divina: Seeing God`s Light

Presenter: Les Miller
Audience: Faith Ambassadors
Description: Visio Divina is an approach to prayer that helps us to see the sacred in art and everyday life.

A6 – NOVALIS: Science and Faith in the Catholic classroom

Presenter: Ted Laxton
Audience: Gr. 7-12
Description: This workshop sets the preliminary groundwork for teachers who wish to engage students in a meaningful dialogue between science and religion (such as interactions between science and religion, models of Divine action and general empirical method).

A7 – Nelson: Using Developmental Trajectories and Provocations to Build a Strong Math Foundation in Kindergarten and Grade 1

Presenters: Jennette MacKenzie, Director of Research and Teacher Training at Nelson Education
Audience: Early Childhood Educators, Kindergarten and Grade 1 Teachers, Math Consultants and Math Leads, Principals and Vice-Principals
Description: The workshop will provide an overview of the new Nelson My Math Path K and Grade 1 resources, designed specifically to align with the play-based learning for Kindergarten and Grade 1 classrooms.

A8 – Central Regional Catechetical Association: At the Crossroads of Math and Sacred Scripture

Presenter: Dr. Anne Jamieson
Audience: Elementary
Description: As Catholics we believe that the message of salvation brings hope and love. Sacred Scripture is a powerful communication of that message that touches every part of our lives … even our math learning!

A9 – CSC monAvenir: Animés de cœurs brûlants : pousser à l’engagement et inspirer l’espérance

Presenters: J. Johnson, S. Lacroix, D. Mongeon
Audience: Gr. 7-12 French
Description: Soyons lumières de joie. Le pape François nous fait souvent le rappel que nous sommes appelés à être la lumière du monde.

A10 – Dufferin-Peel: Finding Empathy in Finding Cleo

Presenters: Paula Nevins, Jodie Williams
Audience: Gr.11-12 /Indigenous
Description: The Finding Cleo podcast investigates one Cree family`s search for their missing sister, Cleo, with the help of CBC Radio`s Connie Walker.

A11 – Halton: Play, Learning and the Connection to Nature

Presenters: Jaclyn Priest-Brown, Jill Staples
Audience: Kindergarten
Description: During this session, we will explore why play is critical to learning and how we can bring our natural environment into the equation.

A12 – Hamilton-Wentworth: I Love It! But There is Sooo Much!

Presenter: Andy Burns
Audience: Gr. 1-6
Description: Feedback received from teachers working with the GIF GIC program resource indicates that teachers love the program and that the size of the teacher resource can feel overwhelming.

A13 – York: Catholic Virtues and the Dance Curriculum

Presenters: Lolita Leva Shereese Halley-Caspersz
Audience: Jnr/Int
Description: This workshop would inspire and introduce educators on using the Catholic virtues of Courage, Compassion, Justice, Hope, Unity, Wisdom, Perseverance, Reverence, Responsibility and Honesty, through the Ministry of Education`s dance curriculum.

A14 – Simcoe Muskoka: Faith is a Life-long Journey

Presenters: Bill Bazinet, Brian Beal, Stephanie Maher
Audience: Secondary
Description: Come share our faith pilgrimage to the Holy Land; an experiential course – HRE 4M that culminated in a March Break journey in Israel.

A15 – Brant Haldimand Norfolk: Picture books and Gospel values

Presenter: Stephanie Christie
Audience: Primary (JK-3)
Description: This 1-hour presentation will highlight children’s picture books that can be used to teach Gospel values across the curriculum.

A16 – Waterloo: Jiminy Cricket and the Sacrament of Reconciliation

Presenters: Fr. Joseph de Viveiros, C.R. Spiritual Animator for the WCDSB
Audience: JK-12
Description: God always does God’s part in the Sacrament of Reconciliation of this we can be assured!

A17 – Toronto: Social Justice in the Classroom and Beyond!

Presenters: Hasmig Zarokian, Jessica Zaccak
Audience: Intermediate
Description: This workshop, specifically for intermediate teachers will focus on the topic of Social Justice inquiry based learning.

Session B – 1:30 -2:45 p.m.

B1 – Why Are We Here: A Meditation on Canada

Feature Speaker – Mary Jo Leddy
Audience: All
Description: Examining the moral challenges facing Canada, Ms. Leddy will focus on three of Canada’s national blind spots (relationship with Indigenous peoples, immigration, and caring for the environment) and address the fundamental question, ‘Why are we here?’

B2 CCC – Reconciliation Through Reflection for Kids!

Presenter: Robert Gallo
Audience: Primary
Description: A deeper look at an online platform which allows teachers, parents, and pastors to work through activities, and video in both English and French which will help prepare our students for the sacrament of Reconciliation.

B3 – EOCCC: Mental Health and Wellness for Catholic Schools: emotions, resiliency, belonging and dignity of the whole person 

Presenters: Ruth McNulty, Rebecca Paulsen
Audience: K-8
Description: This resource is comprised of five lessons for each grade (Kindergarten, 1, 3, 4, 6, & 8), including one for each area of focus (Emotions, Resiliency, Belonging, Dignity of the Whole Person), as well as a cumulative activity/celebration for each.

B4 – CSCO: Here Comes Everyone!

Presenters: Adriana Rerecich, Gillian Federico
Audience: Faith Ambassadors
Description: This workshop will address the various ways we understand our Catholicity and examine approaches that are most helpful and life-giving for us and our school communities.

B5 – Conseil Scolaire de District Catholique de l`Est Ontarien: Vérité et réconciliation à l’école: Comment en parler?

Presenters: Geneviève Ethier, Tina Charbonneau
Audience: Secondary French
Description: Suite à l`exercice des couvertures développé par l`organisme KAIROS, les élèves de notre conseil nous questionnent beaucoup sur le rôle joué par l`église dans le dossier des pensionnats autochtones

B6 – St. Clair: Experiential Learning and the OCGE`s

Presenter: Chris St. Amand
Audience: Gr. 7-12, Faith ambassadors, Chaplains, Retreat Leaders
Description: Learn about our school board`s journey to approach experiential learning through the lens of the Ontario Catholic Graduate Expectations.

B7 – Durham: ‘Let’s Talk Trades’: Inspiring Pathways Thinking

Presenters: Maria Campisi, Jennifer Brown, Julia Brien
Audience: Intermediate
Description: This presentation intends to provide intermediate teachers with tools that expose intermediate students to the limitless, high-paying and high in-demand career opportunities in the Skilled Trades.

B8 – Halton: Supporting Early Years Math through Precoding

Presenters: Michelle Goh, Isabella Sorrenti-Thomas
Audience: K-Gr 1
Description: This session will introduce Kindergarten educators to precoding activities that can be implemented to support Early Years Numeracy.

B9 – Hamilton-Wentworth: Human Trafficking: Shining God`s Light on a Broken World

Presenters:Pauline Condon, Christine Oates
Audience: Secondary
Description: This presentation will give background information on Human Trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation especially as it happens in Canada.

B10 – Niagara: The Mindful Brain: A pathway to a true encounter with Christ

Presenters: Rose Gentilcore and Alfonso Monachino
Audience: Elementary
Description: The Niagara Catholic District School Board offers the “I Am a Child of God” experience for students K-8 that looks into the mindful brain, why our brain reacts with fight, flight or freeze responses that isolate us from our true greatness and from our relationship with Christ.

B11 – Waterloo: Using Virtual Reality to Create Tours of Sacred Spaces

Presenters: John Schneider, Carlos Roque,Whitney McKinley, Michael Leonard
Audience: JK-12
Description: This workshop is a follow up to an initial workshop which took place last year and will present the completed “A Child’s Virtual Tour of Christ the King Cathedral in Hamilton,” (created by students for students) and describe some of the broader possibilities of VR Tours including – but not limited to – how this tool works, what hardware/software is required and how such an activity can be linked to World Religions Courses.

B12 – St. Michael’s College School: Challenging Conversations- Navigating Church Teaching and Affirming Human Dignity to Address Contemporary Issues in Catholic Sex Education

Presenters: Calvin Cahatol & Stephen Antolin
Audience: Secondary
Description: This workshop deals with teaching contemporary issues of sexual education, relationships, and identity with a grounded Catholic perspective.

B13 – Windsor-Essex: Planning a Youth Day of Empowerment

Presenters: Laurie Clement, Kelly Rilley
Audience: TBA
Description: Coming soon.

B14 – Wellington: Social Studies Inquiry Through A Social Justice Lens

Presenters: Natasha Finoro, Katherine Kenney
Audience: Elementary
Description: In this session, we will lead participants through an inquiry cycle that demonstrates how we used community social issues to engage learners and promote action.

B15 – York: Creating and Spreading the Good News in our Catholic Schools

Presenter: Robert Cannone
Audience: Jnr/Int
Description: In this presentation, participants will see examples of students and teachers working together as digital missionaries – to spread the good news of what is happening in our schools through tools such as Google Slides and I-Movie (to create weekly news broadcasts).

B16 – Toronto: Escape to Freedom: A Digital Escape Game

Presenters: Jesus Panem, Bianca DeSouza
Audience: Secondary
Description: This workshop offers an alternative approach to “gamify” Religious Education lessons using Breakout Edu (a platform for immersive learning games –

B17 – The Wisdom Project

Presenter: Sean Mulrooney, Regis College/St. Augustine’s Seminary
Audience: Primary/Secondary Teachers, Chaplains
Descriptor: The Wisdom Project focuses on personal transformation of students. Topics covered include: Who Am I?; The Primal Emotions of Anger and Fear; Getting Along with Others and What to Do When You Can’t; and What is Philosophy?

Session C – 3:00 – 4:15 p.m.

C1 – Fr. Rob Galea: Extraordinary Ordinary

Presenter: Fr. Rob Galea
Audience: All
Description: In this presentation, Fr Rob reminds us that, like Christ’s first disciples, we do not need to have it all figured out in order to love and serve Him.

C2 –


C3 – EOCCC: It’s a Way of Life, First Nations, Métis and Inuit Stories: Un mode de vie, histoires des premières nations, métis et inuit.

Presenters: Marian Lawson-MacDonald, Christina Lapierre
Audience: Secondary/Indigenous
Description: As we learn together about Canada’s First Peoples we see how spirituality is interwoven through their everyday experience. Similarly, as Catholic educators we are called to make our faith an integral part of our teaching and learning and to walk hand-in-hand with our children, parent community and parish.

C4 – Pearson Education: Teacher Faith Formation: Growing in Faith, Growing in Christ is a Religious Education Resource for Teachers Too!

Presenters: Terri Durham
Audience: All
Description: Discover the ways this program can help build your knowledge – and engage you in knowing and living your faith.

C5 – Durham: Empowering Home/School Connection in Math through Games

Presenter: Christine Corso
Audience: Elementary
Description: With over 60 games in both English and French that target various numeracy concepts including counting and quantity, these games go well beyond primary and encourage families to spend time together playing games and reinforcing key math concepts.

C6 – Canadian Jesuits International: Youth for Others; Nurturing a Faith that does Justice

Presenter: Pieter Niemeyer
Audience: Secondary
Description: To pursue justice is the prophetic call of faith, and nurturing youth to be ‘youth for others’ is to nurture a faith that does justice.

C7 – York: Identifying Bullying and Coaching Assertive Communication

Presenters: Kevin Cyr, Carrie Percival, Heather Skeats, Sue Minchella
Audience: Elementary
Description: Discover how we can teach our students to use their body language and tone of voice to be assertive and set boundaries in their relationships.

C8 – Bruce Grey: Cooking with Kids

Presenters: Monique Travale, Dominika Marcotte
Audience: Jnr/int, Gr3-8
Description: This hands-on presentation will include: all paper work necessary to begin (forms, permission, etc.), fundraising ideas to raise money, sample menu lists, ideas that work, food samples, sharing of photos and experiences, a take-home packet for all participants

C9 – Halton: Using Technology to Integrate Catholicity

Presenters: Sara Alves and Erica Handley
Audience: Elementary
Description: We will practice using a variety of online and collaborative programs to re-engage students to their Catholic Faith while encouraging inquiry-based learning, researching,communication and critical thinking skills; can be adapted in primary, junior and intermediate divisions.

C10 – Huron-Perth: Window to Faith Development and Pedagogical Documentation

Presenters: Kerri Lyn Courtney & MaryJo Drager
Audience: JK-12
Description: Routine documentation and communication between home and school allow parents to engage in meaningful conversation about their child’s faith development as well as academic successes and next steps.  This workshop will highlight the use of Freshgrade tool and system, but learning can be applied to other digital documentation tools. 

C11 – Niagara: God, Help Us: Faith & Mental Health

Presenter: Andrea Bozza
Audience: Secondary
Description: How do we support our students and colleagues who struggle with anxiety within the walls of our Catholic Schools? Explore cognitive distortion and how turning to faith can help to escape thinking traps.

C12 – PVNC: Creating Identity Texts to Celebrate our Diverse Learners

Presenter: Christina Maschas Hammond, Christine Ignas, Carrie Mage
Audience: Gr 7-12
Description: Educators will be provided the opportunity to explore and create identity texts using technological tools (Microsoft and Google platforms) to acknowledge and celebrate the diverse identities within our classrooms. Please bring your own device: you will leave with a finished identity text of your own as a model to share with students.

C13 – York: The Power of Storytelling

Presenter: Maxine Highet, Shannon Ulgiati
Audience: K-3/Indigenous
Description: This learning session will focus on how to integrate indigenous teachings into a primary literacy program in an authentic and purposeful way with a particular attention to oral language development and reading.

C14 – York: Literacy in Every Discipline

Presenter: Alexandra Parlagreco
Audience: Secondary
Description: We will discuss and explore the Disciplinary Literacy approach in four subject areas: English, Science, Canadian World Studies, and Religion and how we can encourage students to read and think like literary critics, scientists, historians, and theologians.

C15 – Dufferin-Peel: Notre appel : Guider et inspirer nos élèves à devenir des témoins de la Bonne Nouvelle/Our Call: Guiding and inspiring our students to share and live the “Good News”

Presenters: Laura Quadrini, Claudia D’Amico-Cipriano
Audience: Secondary FSL
Description: Comment encourager les adolescents à reconnaitre l’appel à une vie de disciple, tout en mettant l’accent sur l’Education Religieuse en Immersion Française.

C16 – Toronto: Conflict in the Classroom: a Faith Perspective

Presenter: Susan McElcheran
Audience: ALL
Description: Is there a connection between Scripture and the strategies we use to deal with conflict? This workshop presents a model of human violence and God’s call to peace, taking a perspective based in Scripture and the thoughts of Catholic writers Jean Vanier and René Girard.

C17 – Dufferin-Peel: Making Literacy Inclusive and Accessible Through Technology

Presenter: Sabrina Baiana, Tammie Cameron, Isabella Fuschino, Eliane Moniz-Baptista
Audience: Elementary/Spec Ed.
Description: Explore DPCDSB’s “top tech tools” used to support students who struggle with literacy in the classroom and discover the necessity of implementing technology to support literacy for students with diverse learning needs. Please bring a device connected to Google Chrome to the session.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Session D – 9 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.


D1 – Title: The Power of Music In Liturgy

Title: The Power of Music In Liturgy
Presenters: CCC Liturgy Committee: Vicki McRae, Susan Hookong-Taylor, Lisa Malcolm
Audience: All
Description: Using music to engage and inspire participants into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ we will collectively share our gifts and talents.

D2 – Huron-Perth: W Model: Learning Math Together

Presenters: Jennifer Ritsma, Megan Lunn, Jenna Meyers, Christine Dale
Audience: ALL
Description: According to Dr. Cathy Bruce, the “W” model of professional learning creates an opportunity to “slow down” the planning, implementing, and debriefing included in delivering engaging and thoughtful math lessons. Teachers and principals work together to plan, facilitate, and consolidate student learning while building collective efficacy.

D3 – Simcoe Muskoka: God’s Light—In All Its Many Colours

Presenters: Murray Watson
Audience: JK-12
Description: The Church’s rich body of teaching about our relationship to other religions is often unknown or misunderstood. Providing an overview of the Church’s evolution in this area, we will examine key teachings/guidelines and explore areas where these topics arise in curriculum and school life.

D4 – CCC: Catholic Competencies: Six Perspectives

Presenters: Vanessa Di Marcelli & Mary Jane Snoeks
Audience: Gr. 7-12
Descriptor: This workshop will look at connections between the Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations and the Global Competencies.