WFMP 2018: October 25, 26 & 27, 2018

Workshop Schedule

Note:  A brief overview of each workshop is provided below the workshop title. Click on the title to see the full descriptor.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Mindfulness in Faith, Body and Promise – OECTA Pre-Conference Workshop

Thursday, October 25, 2018
6:00 p.m. Mindfulness in Faith, Body and Promise- OECTA Pre-Conference Workshop
Presenter: Rose Perri-Gentilcore
Audience: All
Description: The session will focus on simple mindfulness tools and resources to support social emotional well-being within our classrooms and within our own day to day lives. Together, we will learn how mindfulness can guide us in the cultivation of presence; presence of body, presence of mind, presence of heart and presence of God in our lives.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Session A  – 9:45-11:00 a.m.

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A1 – Impacting Today’s Youth

Presenter: Chris Bray, Feature Speaker
Audience: Everyone
Description: In a digital culture overwhelmed with information, the world today doesn’t need simply “more info”. Though truth is important, the way we positively impact & transform today’s youth is by being virtuous examples of the Gospel, demonstrated by living out our faith, with charity.

A2 – Who Me…A Leader? CPCO’s PQP – CPCO

Presenter: CPCO
Audience: All
Description: This workshop will provide insight into CPCO’s PQP – thoroughly preparing new Principals and Vice-Principals for the realities, challenges and joys of the job.

A3 – Faith & Science in Catholic Schools

Presenter: Paul D’Hondt, Tara Cakebread (Huron-Perth)
Audience: Int/Senior
Description: As our scientific understanding continues to increase, our students (and educators) may struggle to reconcile what our society touts as scientific progress and understanding, with what our faith tells us.

A4 – Exploring the Arts: Possibilities in Growing in Faith, Growing in Christ

Presenter: Amy Kieffer for Pearson Canada
Audience: Elementary
Description: Growing in Faith, Growing in Christ is the Religious Education program approved by the Catholic Bishops of Ontario for use in Catholic elementary schools.

A5 – Protecting the Gift of Catholic Education in Ontario – FACE

Presenter: Carole Allen, Friends and Advocates for Catholic Education
Audience: All
Description: The election is over. What do we do now? It`s vitally important that we as Catholic educators work together to protect and preserve our distinctly different and faith-filled Catholic education system.

A6 – Ministering to Young People: Hope and Challenges for the Next Generation

Presenter: Fr. Portelli (Durham)
Audience: Secondary
Description: Fr. Frank Portelli will share the challenges and hopes of ministering to a new generation of young people.

A7 – Uke’n Do It!

Presenters: Chris Rait, Jeannine Bouw (Brant Haldimand Norfolk)
Audience: Kindergarten
Description: Dreaming of playing the ukulele so you can sing fun songs with your students? Well this is the workshop for you!

A8 – Developing Innovative Skills using Loose Parts in Kindergarten

Presenters: Carrey Diemert, Pat Fischer (Bruce Grey)
Audience: Kindergarten
Description: As noted in the Kindergarten Program Document, play is a vehicle for learning and lies at the core of innovation and creativity.

A9 – Prayer in the Classroom

Presenter: Dianne Dias (Durham)
Audience: Elementary
Description: Prayer can be a powerful way of fostering community in the classroom.

A10 – Wellness for All: Service and Pastoral Care

Presenters: Angela De Palma (Halton)
Audience: Administration
Description: When pastoral care flows between Catholic school and system members, communities flourish, contributing to the spiritual, professional, mental and physical well-being of all.

A11 – Understanding My Exceptionality

Presenters: Michael Oyston
Audience: Alt-Spec Ed
Description: This session is geared towards Special Education Teachers who are interested in having their students discover more about their exceptionalities.

A12 – Faith-fueled Resiliency

Presenters: Shelly Maw / Anna Jakeman (Waterloo)
Audience: Personal Faith
Description: In this workshop we will explore how our faith can be the source of our own resilience, and in turn, develop the resilience of the students we support.

A13 – Technology to Support Student Communication in Mathematics

Presenter: Jonathan Berlingeri (Peterborough VNC)
Audience: Jnr-Int-Math
Description: Come and explore how technology, specifically Chromebooks, can be used to support students in Mathematics.

A14 – Taize Style Prayer – A Meditative Approach

Presenters: Emily Grebinski, Bonnie Schuett (Waterloo)
Audience: Personal Faith
Description: Taize-Styled prayer is ecumenical in nature inviting all people wherever they are on their spiritual journey.

A15 – The Educator is the Strategy (Nelson)

Presenter: David Tranter
Audience: JK-12
Description: When students struggle, whether it’s with learning, behaviour, or their overall mental health and well-being, the natural tendency for educators is to search for a solution to address the problem. While strategies can be helpful, ultimately what will make the most difference is the powerful, but intangible, relationship that the educator has with the student. This lively and interactive presentation will examine how educators can maximize both student well-being, as well as their own well-being, as outlined in the presenter’s new book: The Third Path: A Relationship-Based Approach to Student Achievement and Well-Being.

A16 – Safe Use of Social Media

Presenters: Andy Kwiecien, Aaron Middlemiss (Dufferin-Peel)
Audience: All
Description: Electronic communication and social media create new opportunities for extending and enhancing education.

A17 – Using Mindful Math to Sustain Mental Wellness

Presenters: Lara Rodrigues, Gina Micomonaco (York)
Audience: Elementary
Description: This learning forum will focus on increasing awareness about the importance of mental well-being and infusing mindful math into pedagogical practice.

Session B – 1:30 -2:45 p.m.

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B1 – One Earth: Pope Francis’ Call for an Integral Ecology

Feature Speaker – Dr. Cristina Vanin
Audience: All
Description: In Pope Francis’ encyclical, Laudato Si’, we are called to develop an ecological culture in which we are ‘part of nature, included in nature….’. Why does this matter today as we renew our promise to Catholic education?

B2 – Developing Positive Math Stories in Your Early Years Classroom – Pearson

Presenter: Pearson
Audience: K-3
Description: Toronto CDSB teachers share their experiences implementing Pearson’s Mathology in their K-3 classrooms.

B3 – Communion Through Community (CCC)

Presenter: Robert Gallo, Daniel Pupulin (Toronto)
Audience: Gr 2/3
Description: Communion Through Community is an online platform where Gr. 2/3 teachers, and students can engage virtually five distinct Catholic modules focused around the sacrament of Communion.

B4 – Incorporating Indigenous Spirituality in Your Classroom

Presenter: Darlene Marshall (Windsor)
Audience: Jnr/Int
Description: The Seven Grandfather teachings, originating from the Anishinaabe, are the pillars of knowledge that guide Indigenous people to live a good life, to be respectful of Mother Earth and the Creator.

B5 – Plan a 300-Minute, 5 day cycle in Math (EOCCC)

Presenters: Kelly McKie, Barb White, Angela Whalen, Ana Wolynice
Audience: Primary-Int.
Description: Come see and hear how teachers planned effective mathematics instruction and assessment by developing learning experiences and lesson sequences for students.

B6 – Renewing the Promise, A Pastoral Letter for Catholic Education

Presenter: Michael Pautler, ICE
Audience: Faith Ambassadors
Description: Following the year long process of dialogue with the Catholic education community, culminating with the Symposium in Fall, 2017, the Catholic Bishops of Ontario published a pastoral letter for Catholic education in Spring , 2018, speaking to the challenges and opportunities we encounter as Catholic educators

B7 – Making Connections Between the Global Competencies and the Catholic School Graduate Expectations

Presenters: Lisa DeFranco, Sandra Molyneaux (Toronto)
Audience: All
Description: What are the competencies students need to be successful?

B8 – Supporting Catholic Teaching in the Digital vLE

Presenter: Kelly MacDougall (Dufferin-Peel), Jeff Cummings (Wellington)
Audience: JK-12
Description: Who knew? You can use the tools and rich integrations embedded in the provincial virtual learning environment

B9 – Welcome All

Presenter: Julie Webster (Dufferin-Peel)
Audience: Alt-Spec Ed.
Description: In this hands-on session, we will explore sacramental preparation for students with differing abilities.

B10 – Serving Students who are Impacted by Poverty in the Classroom and School

Presenters: Susie Lee-Fernandes, Kate Remiz (Durham)
Audience: Elementary
Description: This interactive presentation would focus on serving the needs of students who are impacted by poverty in the classroom by building awareness and understanding around the inequities and challenges associated with poverty.

B11 – Getting Started with Guided Reading in Secondary

Presenters: Kristen Davison, Lisa Raposo (Halton)
Audience: Secondary
Description: This workshop will focus on how to use guided reading as a structure to support struggling readers at the Secondary level.

B12 – The Road to Wellness: The Catholic Way

Presenters: Paula Zecchini Mitton, Marica Mattaliano (Hamilton)
Audience: Elementary
Description: Burn-out, stress, and anxiety are hallmarks of today’s culture. In our desperation to feel well, we often turn to ‘alternative practices’, such as mindfulness and yoga, to combat these attacks on our peace of mind, health and happiness.

B13 – Culturally Responsive & Relevant Pedagogy and Catholic Social Teaching

Presenters: Peter Bagnall, Angela Hickey-Gillespie (PVNC), Luke Stocking (Development & Peace)
Audience: All
Description: Culturally Responsive and Relevant Pedagogy (CRRP) focuses on awareness of social identity, power and privilege.

B14 – From Library to Learning Commons: A Space to Witness the Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations

Presenters: Siobhain Millen, Patricia Tilley (Simcoe)
Audience: JK-12
Description: With the emphasis on 21st Century learning competencies, schools have begun to transform their traditional library space into a collaborative learning space.

B15 – Integrating Guided Meditation into the Arts

Presenters: Glynnis Bernardo, John Dawson (Toronto)
Audience: K-8
Description: Do you practice Christian Meditation in your classroom?

B16 – What Makes Your Heart Happy?

Presenter: Therese Quinn, Maxine Highet, Christine deHaas (York)
Audience: Kindergarten
Description: Join our York Catholic collaborative team to learn how we embarked on a journey of inquiry grounded in the Gospel value of respect.

B17 – Connecting Student Voice & Faith to Create Awesome Disciples

Presenter: Linda Girardo, Helga Iannucci (York)
Audience: Secondary
Description: In this workshop, educators will have the opportunity to explore innovative and technological ways to achieve the Catholic Graduate Expectations.

Session C – 3:00 – 4:15 p.m.

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C1 – Developing an Inquiry Plan Monitoring the Effectiveness of Growing In Faith, Growing In Christ

Presenter: Andy Burns (Hamilton-Wentworth)
Audience: Administration
Description: The HWCDSB has invested heavily in the new Religious Education program resource, Growing in Faith, Growing in Christ.

C2 – Observing, Documenting & Communicating Learning in Kindergarten in a Catholic Community

Presenter: Colleen MacDonald, Maddalena De Crisofaro-Slater, Penny Lemire, Christina Lapierre (EOCCC)
Audience: Kindergarten
Description: As Catholic Educators we have a wonderful privilege to present the Ontario Kindergarten Program through a Catholic lens.

C3 – School Culture: The Pastoral Approach

Presenter: Curtis Meyers, Sean McDade (Huron-Perth)
Audience: All
Description: Have you ever wondered how to improve the overall school climate? Where do you start? Look at how one school transformed the school culture and helped all students develop into modern day disciples.

C4 – Improvisation and Scripture: Creativity Collaboration and Building Community

Presenters: Janet Bentham, Peggy O’Meara (CARFLEO)
Audience: JK-12
Description: In this workshop, participants will play with their knowledge of the parables and miracle narratives of the gospels.

C5 – One Body In Christ, Many Members; One Ministry, Many Departments

Presenter: Paul Mayne-Devine, Brenda Holtkamp, Kathleen Ware (CSCO)
Audience: Secondary/Chaplains
Description: Looking at the universal call to be ministers of the gospel in our schools.

C6 – Picture books and Gospel values

Presenter: Stephanie Hodgson (Brant)
Audience: Primary
Description: This 1-hour presentation will highlight children’s picture books that can be used to teach Gospel values across the curriculum.

C7 – Math and Maple Syrup

Presenters: Vicki Parry, Jodie Williams (Dufferin-Peel)
Audience: Math/Indigenous – Jnr-Int
Description: In this session, we will discuss our exciting learning journey alongside the Credit River Metis Council and Gr 5 students and teachers in the exploration of mathematics and Indigenous Knowledge through the harvesting of sweet water from maple trees.

C8 – Wellness in the Word

Presenters: Michelle Bender, Joanne Christie (Halton)
Audience: Personal Faith

Description: As our divine physician, Jesus leads us to holiness in wholeness; mind, body and soul. Come join us for a sensory experience as we find wellness in the Word.

C9 – Information to Transformation: Faith Formation for Leaders

Presenters: Lorrie Naar, Cathy Horgan, Fr. Con O’Mahony, Cristina Vanin, Myroslaw Tataryn (Halton/Hamilton Diocese)
Audience: Administration
Description: In the work of sustaining Catholic Education it is evident that attention needs to be paid to the Faith Formation of staff in our Catholic Schools and Systems.

C10 – Christian Meditation Take Home Prayer Kit

Presenters: Carmelina Ciarmoli, Sonia Horta-Baressi (Hamilton-Wentworth)
Audience: Elementary
Description: Exposing our students to Christian Meditation is one of the greatest gifts we can give them.

C11 – Building Early Literacy Through Experiential Learning

Presenter: Cary Gilbert, Heather Dickins (Huron-Perth)
Audience: Primary
Description: God has blessed each of us with special gifts and talents. Experiential learning opportunities introduce students to the gifts and talents of community members and help students to recognize and foster their own gifts and talents.

C12 – Meeting the Needs of the Gifted

Presenter: Jennifer St. Onge, Carla Collier (Simcoe Muskoka)
Audience: Jnr-Int
Description: Attendees will learn how they can recognize and reach those students identified as Gifted, within the daily challenges of our diverse and inclusive classrooms.

C13 – Fostering Self-directed, Lifelong, Resilient Learners

Presenter: Liz Gibson, Paul Cogghe, Pam Blondia, Clare Quinlan (St. Clair)
Audience: Elementary
Description: Learn about our school’s journey to foster this Ontario Catholic Graduate Expectation in our students. We worked to provide opportunities to develop a culture built on Christ’s teachings.

C14 – Virtual Parish Visits: Introducing Students to Their Church

Presenter: John Schneider, Carlos Roque, Whitney McKinley (Waterloo)
Audience: Elementary
Description: What if your students could experience an awesome field trip to your parish church without even having to leave the classroom?

C15 – Little Bear Leadership: Primary/Junior Catholic Students Leadership

Presenter: Merle Gonsalvez (Toronto)
Audience: Primary/Jnr/Int
Description: Little Leaders are the BEST! Teachers will explore Catholic Student Leadership in the Primary/Junior grades.

C16 – Youth for Others as Instruments of Peace – Jesuits of Canada

Presenter: Pieter Niemeyer, Canadian Jesuits International
Audience: Secondary
Description: Participants will journey through the stories of young people connected with Canadian Jesuit International partners in the global south and will reflect on how faith calls us to be instruments of peace to create a world where human rights, education and health/environmental care can be attained for the common good.

C17 – Poetry & Prayer – Linking Psalms to Slam Poetry

Presenter: Pietro-Rudy Sciacca (York)
Audience: Int/Sec
Description: The workshop explores the poetic nature of the Psalms and how students can express themselves in verse.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Session D – 9 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

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D1 – Title: The Power of Music In Liturgy

Title: The Power of Music In Liturgy
Presenters: Patricia Dal Ben & Dominic Pullano, CCC Liturgy Committee
Audience: All
Description: We will collectively share our gifts and talents! We will explore how to layer songs so that they can work in various Catholic celebrations.

D3 – Nurturing the Natural Child

Presenter: Cathy Buchanan (Huron-Perth)
Audience: Primary
Description: This interactive workshop will examine ways to promote stewardship and outdoor learning opportunities.

D4 – Trapped in Sin: A Catholic Escape Room – Unlocked

Presenters: Nicholas Ali, Ariana Agnino (Niagara)
Audience: Jnr/Int
Description: This interactive and engaging workshop will explore what an escape room is and how it can be used as a tool for catechesis.

D5 – Serving the Other

Presenter: Jenna Dearlove, Mary Bechberger (London)
Audience: Alt-Spec Ed.
Description: Witness how a classroom is facilitated that promotes a truly inclusive learning environment.

D6 – How the 5 Love Languages Foster Classroom Communication

Presenters: Melissa Fregonese, Colleen McCabe (Durham)
Audience: All
Description: Educators always seek ways to reach their students, especially the challenging ones.