OECTA Pre-Conference Workshop

Thursday, October 25, 2018

6:00 p.m. OECTA Pre-Conference Workshop: Mindfulness in Faith, Body and Promise

Presenter: Rose Perri-Gentilcore

Our classrooms can be a source of mindful experiences that nurture our minds and hearts, as we search for the presence of God in our lives. The session will offer a variety of strategies to help cultivate kindness, empathy and acceptance of oneself and others. 

The session will focus on simple mindfulness tools and resources to support social emotional well-being within our classrooms and within our own day to day lives. Parts of a mindful brain, breathing techniques, brain break activities, and self-regulation strategies will be shared to support student engagement, focus in achievement, well-being and mental health awareness.  Initiatives and resources offered by OECTA will also be discussed. 

Together, we will learn how mindfulness can guide us in the cultivation of presence; presence of body, presence of mind, presence of heart and presence of God in our lives.