D6 – How the 5 Love Languages Foster Classroom Communication

Presenters: Melissa Fregonese, Colleen McCabe (Durham)
Audience: All

Description: Educators always seek ways to reach their students, especially the challenging ones. While we are well-versed in MI and Learning Styles, we sometimes struggle to communicate how much they are valued. Feeling valued can lead to improved behaviours, lessened stress and anxiety, and greater trust in the classroom. Dr. Gary Chapman has written several books devoted to the concept of “Five Love Languages”, helping people express and receive love as expressed through one of five languages. Speaking a student`s primary language lays the foundation of respect and trust. Join us as we discuss further the Five Love Languages, the Love Language Profile and share strategies of how to recognize and implement them in the classroom. Please come prepared to unlock the mystery of each of your students` Love Language(s).

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