B7 – Durham: ‘Let’s Talk Trades’: Inspiring Pathways Thinking

Presenters: Maria Campisi, Jennifer Brown, Julia Brien
Audience: Intermediate

Description: This presentation intends to provide intermediate teachers with tools that expose intermediate students to the limitless, high-paying and high in-demand career opportunities in the Skilled Trades. The workshop will engage participants in various hands-on activities that demonstrate skills necessary for a plethora of specific careers in the trades. These activities will help to support students to reflect on their individual interests, God-given skills and the skills needed for employability. The workshop will provide resources that promote a collaborative partnership between Intermediate Guidance Teachers and Intermediate Classroom Teachers to support intermediate students in making informed decisions about future careers. The workshop will stimulate learning about steps towards apprenticeship, the benefits of careers in the Skilled Trades and the importance of individual pathway planning. Let’s Talk Trades!

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