A8 – Developing Innovative Skills using Loose Parts in Kindergarten

Presenters: Carrey Diemert, Pat Fischer (Bruce Grey)
Audience: Kindergarten

Description: As noted in the Kindergarten Program Document, play is a vehicle for learning and lies at the core of innovation and creativity. It states that it is essential for children in Kindergarten to develop the skills that require problem solving, the willingness to take risks, to see mistakes as opportunities for learning, and the ability to collaborate and to build and maintain relationships. Loose parts can play a powerful role in developing and practicing these innovative skills in the Kindergarten classroom. So what are loose parts and why should educators rethink the types of toys that are in their Kindergarten classrooms? This session will focus on how loose parts can support the development of innovative thinking skills in the Kindergarten classroom. We will consider what effective documentation and assessment looks like when observing children playing with loose parts.

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