A7 – Nelson: Using Developmental Trajectories and Provocations to Build a Strong Math Foundation in Kindergarten and Grade 1

Presenter: Jennette MacKenzie, Director of Research and Teacher Training at Nelson Education
Audience: Early Childhood Educators, Kindergarten and Grade 1 Teachers, Math Consultants and Math Leads, Principals and Vice-Principals

Description: Research clearly shows that the greatest impact on learning is to teach each student by starting with what they already know.
This session will provide participants with the most current research about using learning trajectories to identify where students are on their math journey. It will demonstrate how hands-on provocations and challenges can be matched to each
student’s developmental progress along a math trajectory.
The workshop will provide an overview of the new Nelson My Math Path K and Grade 1 resources, designed specifically to align with the play-based learning for Kindergarten and Grade 1 classrooms.

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