Listening With The Heart: Building Safe and Inclusive Classrooms Through Mindfulness and Meditation

Audience: Grades 7-12
Descriptor: This resource helps students become: more discerning believers through meditation reflections,
more effective communicators through developing active listening skills and understanding how
to respond as opposed to react, and how to be more responsible citizens and caring family
members through the activities that focus on inclusion and anti-oppression. It also helps
promote resiliency and well-being for staff and students. The resource includes: Mindfulness
and Christian Meditation to create safe and inclusive spaces, tools and/or strategies to assist
with creating conversational structures and to promote active listening, as well as learning
materials centering on identity and privilege, implicit bias, stereotyping, discrimination, racism,
gender identity, sexuality, ethical issues and other sensitive topics. Materials are anchored in
Scripture, Church teaching, prayer, sacraments, the liturgical calendar, Catholic Social
Teaching, more recent encyclicals, and the wisdom of diverse Christian role-models. The
resource package includes meditation scripts, created/shared videos, art activities, handouts,
slide decks and interactive templates for online collaborative learning.
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