Equity and Inclusion: From the Lens of the Catholic Social Teachings

Grades 9-12
Equity and Inclusion: From the Lens of the Catholic Social Teachings is a classroom resource which provides teachers with nine frameworks with Guiding Questions related to Equity and Inclusion, The Ontario Catholic Graduate Expectations, Critical Literacy and the Catholic Social Teachings. Each framework is followed by exemplary lessons from a wide range of secondary subjects including Philosophy, the Arts, English, Mathematics, Science, Business, and Equity and Diversity courses.
These practical lessons provide secondary teachers and students with ways to integrate a faith perspective in a multi-disciplinary approach; the lessons are grounded in our Catholic Social Teachings and Equity and Inclusion strategies. This resource provides an amazing example and springboard for secondary teachers to take and use the frameworks in their classroom.
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Common Good(1.1MB)
Dignity of the Human Person(2.5MB)
Economic Justice(307KB)
Preferential Option for the Poor(292KB)
Promotion of Peace(978KB)
Rights & Responsibilities(858KB)
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