Catholic Leadership and Service: A Call To Action II (Grades 3-5)

Audience: Elementary Grades 3-5
Descriptor: This resource puts Catholic leadership and service-learning at the forefront of our
teaching in Catholic schools. The Religious Education policy document places
importance on Living a Moral Life and Living in Solidarity. These strands focus on
conscience formation and imparting to children that each person is responsible for
participation in society, to discern, and to freely choose their vocation and to make a
contribution in the world. This resource focuses on the core teachings from these
strands to help students build their skills and take action on the issues they care about,
from poverty, to bullying, to the environment. It consists of a series of lessons and
accompanying action projects that spotlight a different social justice issue that not only
meet the Religious Education expectations but various Science, Language, Social
Studies, Mathematics, the Arts, and Health & Physical Education curriculum
expectations. Students engage in experiential learning through call-to-action projects.
Students work and learn to become active and engaged citizens who will seek to create
transformative social change.
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