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WFMP Virtual Conference 2021

October 21-23, 2021

Guardians of Hope, Bearers of the Promise, Stewards of Creation

Keynote Speaker: DAVID WELLS


Celebration of the Eucharist

CCC is pleased to announce...
WFMP Virtual 2021 Conference
October 21-23, 2021

Guardians of Hope, Bearers of the Promise, Stewards of Creation

Pope Francis uses the term “guardian of hope” to honour Mary whose “yes” to God serves as an example to everyone. He describes her as a “woman of strength” who “supports and accompanies, protects and embraces.”  The aspect, “Stewards of Creation” is from ​Laudato Si ​ in which Pope Francis reminds us of our call to be “stewards of all creation.”   Pope Francis calls us to acknowledge that “everything is connected”  and asks us to answer the call to cooperate with God in the work of creation.   Catholic schools are reminded of  the important role they play in inspiring the youth of today.  Like Mary, we need to say yes to the call to stewardship and to demonstrate commitment and strength as we address issues of environmental justice which impact the poor and vulnerable more than others. Catholic educators are called to look for signs of hope and to recognize the promise of the next generation!

On behalf of Catholic Curriculum Corporation, It is my pleasure to welcome you to When Faith Meets Pedagogy Virtual Conference 2021, “Guardians of Hope, Bearers of The Promise, Stewards of Creation”. The theme is particularly appropriate given the challenges of Covid 19.  Annually, WFMP has provided educators with the opportunity to gather and “Celebrate Education Together”!  Our gathering  invites each of us to  virtually extend our reach to welcome each other and embrace this opportunity to gather as a Catholic community.

Delegates will experience the inspirational Opening Liturgy, Keynote David Wells, Feature Speaker Dr Anne Jamieson, workshops and, most importantly, the Celebration of the Eucharist on Friday afternoon. Thank you to our celebrant, the Most Rev. Ronald Fabbro, CSB, Bishop of the London Diocese.

I wish to thank and congratulate Workshop Presenters who are sharing their knowledge as teacher practitioners and leaders. WFMP is indeed a conference that strives to cultivate the very best in Catholic education by providing educators, at all levels, with the opportunity to share their knowledge and pedagogy which is rooted in faith-driven, Christ-centered  practice.

Finally, I wish to thank the WFMP Planning Committee, CCC member boards and partners, without whom the planning, preparation and delivery of the conference would be impossible. This first ever virtual WFMP was only possible through the generous offerings of the conference committee, whose members went well beyond the norm to create a faith-filled experience for delegates.

We are excited to welcome you and trust that you will spread the good news of “ When Faith Meets Pedagogy” as we continue our journey together  as “Guardians of Hope, Bearers of The Promise, Stewards of Creation”.

God Bless.

Michael Bator

Michael Bator, Executive Director

Catholic Curriculum Corporation

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