Catholic Education Resource Bank (CERB)

The CERB is a resource that collects and vets resources for Catholic teachers to use in the Catholic School context. The resources available will be updated regularly. They are intended to be easily accessible and to be used by teachers on a daily basis or on an as-needed basis to support their classroom work. It is a one stop place for Catholic activities that can be tied to Catholic curriculum.

Catholic Competencies: A New Perspective on the Catholic Graduate Expectations

This digital resource refreshes the vision of the Catholic Graduate Expectations and makes more explicit connections to the Global Competencies (GCs). In doing so, it aligns the CGEs with the GCs and creates resources for teachers to better approach the holistic formation of every student, given the ever-changing, complex world of today.

Catholicity, Communication, Computers and Math

CCC & Math focuses on infusing Catholicism into the Communications, Computer Technology and Math courses while it combines the Mathematics and Technology courses. The resource contains instructional videos organized in playlists by topic, that will continue to be updated, as well as notes and walk-throughs for every lesson organized in folders by topic that are continually updated.

The Catholic Film Reader: Reading and Making Film/Media Text with Meaning

Within Catholic Education authentic opportunities to analyze media text through a faith lens are a means to engage our students as discerning believers. It is with the goal to embrace media as a critical and urgent literacy that the Catholic Film Reader examines popular Hollywood film text through the lens of core gospel values.

21st Century Shepherds: Stewards of Student Data

21st Century Shepherds was created to address the very pressing need of providing educators with both the knowledge of their moral, legal and ethical obligations around student data and providing a toolkit for evaluating the relative safety of the tool for student use.

Sacramental Preparation for Students with Special Needs – A Guide for Catholic Educators

Sacramental Preparation for Students with Special Needs – A Guide for Catholic Educators Audience:   Grade K-12 Descriptor:   This resource will assist educators in providing appropriate preparation for the sacraments to students with special needs, foster an attitude of inclusion, raise…